Automatic Filter Press
The hydraulic compressing device(movable oil tank device) can move mechanically to make plates open and close quickly.
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Energy-Effilient Filter Press
Energy efficient filter press is a fast feeding, pull the sheet discharge speed automatic equipment, equipment usually large board, a small area, both ends of the feed, multiple sets of pull, and ultimately reach into the material quickly, discharge the purpose of fast.
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Filter Press Hydraulic
The hydraulic pressure filter press is one kind of intermittent-like pressure filtration equipment, the liquid-solid separations for various suspending liquids, separates the effect to be good, the easy to operate, widely is used in the petroleum, chemical industry, dye, metallurgy, drugs manufacture, food, papermaking, coal washing and sewage treatment and other kinds needs to carry on the liquid-solid separation the domain.
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Mechanical Pressure Filter
Mechanical press filter is a kind of intermittent pressure filtration machine equipment, applied to various suspension of solid-liquid separation, separation effect is good, easy to use, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, dye, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, paper making, coal washing and sewage treatment and other required field of solid-liquid separation, mechanical filter press is mainly suitable for all kinds of dehydrated slow, relatively high viscosity, filtration pressure does not need too much, filtration cycle long materials, applicable to small filter industry, is not suitable for filtering material industry of higher temperature.
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Single plate feeding filter press
The single plate feeding flter press is a new type of quick- -open filter device newly developed by our company. Relying on the special filter cake air -drying process design, it replaces the membrane squeezing function, effectively reduces the internal pressure required by the frame while ensuring the same or even less filter cake water content, and has the characteritics of safe production and low water content. .
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Chamber filter press
The chamber fiter press is a batch type pressure filtration device. The whole machine has high degree of automation, and can realize semi- automatic and full automation according to actual needs. Compared with other flter presses, it has the characteristics of large production capacity, high unit output and small floor space, and can be widely used in chemical, food and petroleum, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, coal washing, environmental protection and other industries.
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Automatic Membrane Filter Press
Haijiang® Membrane Filter Press has many advantages, such as high squeezing pressure and long lifespan of membrane, etc. It provides two ways of squeezing: Air squeezing and Hydraulic squeezing, which can satisfy a variety of needs in different industries. The control system adopts PLC and human-machine interface (HMI).
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Food industry stainless steel filter press
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Efficient washing membrane filter press
The diaphragm filter press produced by our company has the advantages of high pressure and long service life of diaphragm. The press forms can be divided into gas press and liquid press, which can meet the needs of different industries. PLC and man-machine interface can be used for control.
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Automatic cleaning diaphragm filter press
Automatic cleaning diaphragm filter press is a new type of filter press which is developed and equipped with filter cloth cleaning function on the basis of diaphragm filter press. This function is realized by equipped with cloth washing car, gear / track, lifting and walking motor.
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Integrated Auto Membrane Filter press
For general materials, the membrane can be completely squeezed and dehydrated after 3-15 minutes. For some special materials, the segmented pressing method of first low-pressure pressing and then high-pressure pressing can be adopted.
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Intelligent pressure filter
GPJ * * / 3-C intelligent pressure filter is an improved model of domestic pressure filter and the third generation product of pressure filter. It has made great improvement and breakthrough in sealing structure, reliability and intelligent control of process parameters of the main machine.
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Quick Opening Filter Press
Hajiang® Quick Opening Fiter Press is an automatic equipment, which can realze quick material-feeding.quick plates-drawing and cakeldischarging. The principle is that big panel, small are, feeding from two ends, moving tank, plate - drawing in three groups lead to quick material-feeding and quick cake-discharging.
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Automatic Programme-Controlled Filter Press
Automatic Programme—cont rolled Filter Press integrates alI the advantages of the average filte r press and it has SUCh featUres as follOWS:
一Automatic high-p ressure membrane squeezing
—Automatic filter cloth washing
—Automatic filt rate collecting and pIate—reVersing
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Efficient air drying filter plate
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1250 type corner feed filter plate
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