Caring for his alma mater-Qin Meng, general manager of Hengshui Haijiang Group, donated anti-epidemic supplies to Hengzhong

On March 23, Qin Meng, a 2000 alumni of Class 196 and general manager of Hengshui Haijiang Filter Press Group Co., Ltd., donated a batch of protective clothing to Hengshui Middle School for epidemic prevention and control. School leaders Xi Huisuo, Kang Xinjiang, Liang Hui and Li Gengzhe warmly received General Manager Qin Meng and his party.

Haijiang Group loves to donate to the front line of anti-epidemic

It has only been a dozen days since the first case of the coronavirus was discovered in Wuhan. The epidemic has now spread to more than 20,000 people in various provinces and cities across the country.

Sincere love and warmth

Hearing the news that both of Tian Leilei's parents were hospitalized, the general manager Qin Meng immediately asked the general office to mobilize all employees to make donations.

Haijiang Group cares about employees--warm the new year

Cheers and laughter say goodbye to the old year, and lucky stars welcome the new year. On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2019, in order to express the company's care for every employee and to thank all employees for their hard work in the company's development over the past year

Haijiang Group's five best employees selection activity ended successfully

In order to promote the spirit of corporate culture, play a leading role of model employees. The company has formulated and issued the standard of five good employees:

Haijiang Group's 2018 employee medical examination

In order to protect the health of employees, enhance corporate cohesion, and build a harmonious corporate environment. The company leaders invited doctors from the Fifth Hospital of Hengshui City to conduct a free physical examination for all employees.

The Minister of Energy of Uganda and his delegation came to visit our company

The Minister of Energy of Uganda and the former Ugandan ambassador to the People's Republic of China visited Hengshui Haijiang Filter Press Group Co., Ltd., accompanied by the group general manager Qin Meng.
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