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Today's market competition is the talents competition. Since the early days when Haijiang was built,the company has set up the firm talents concept.The expansion of the company are always supported by the high- quality talents.

Haijiang operates in good faith,especially in harmonious management.We now have many professional talents of r&d, production and marketing. We are working hard to build the people-oriented concept, respect for talents, and actively introduce talents, and provide them with the opportunity of development. We Actively guide the group's team of talents toward the direction of younger and specialization.Haijiang Group has overcome the bottleneck of patriarch based management, and realized the socialization talent management mechanism. Most of the enterprise's top leaders are the young people ,we formed the reasonable talents structure of the combination of the old and the young, and the young are the dominant work force. Ministerial staff are all college or technical secondary school graduates, and the staff of college degree or above account for 90% of the total number of ministerial staff. In addition,we rely on the training mechanism to improve the staffs' job skills. Nowadays, we carry out all aspects of training activities after work nearly every day.In the next 3 years,the jockeys of college or technical secondary school graduates or senior high school students will account for 95%,and the staff of college degree or above will account for 100% of the total number of ministerial staff.


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