Established filter press parts factory

The spring of 1985, In the spring of 1985, under the situation of reform and open,Qin Haijiang ,a demobilized soldier and a rural party branch secretary,led a few folks to establish a plant of accessory for filter press at his home town(Xiaowei village,Jing county,Hebei province), providing simple parts for filter press. They established the prototype of Haijiang group. 



Expand production scale

In 1990, as the market were bigger and bigger, the plant moved from Xiaowei village, Jing county to Jingda Road in Hengshui City. The plant hired workers,introduced talents, and the production capacity expanded to an annual output of hundreds of thousands of yuan.


Expand product range

In 1992, with the introduction of talents, technological development and market expanded, the company moved from Jingda Road to Daqing Road in Hengshui City. The company not only produced spare parts, but also started to produce simple and small frame and plate filter presses. At that time,the company technical level, productive technology and market share had developed rapidly.


Fourth relocation and expansion

In 2003, the original site had been unable to meet the production need, so Haijiang Group finished the fourth have to expand the production, from Daqing Road to Yong'an Road in Hengshui City, covering area increased from 30 acres to 180 acres, the number of workers,production capacity,  market share and technical level begun to be in lead position in the industry. The company obtained the national invention patent and new and utility patent of dozens of items, there were 15 items only in the aspect of filter press. In the same industry, the company was the first to pass the IS09001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.


Establish the status of Haijiang Group in the industry

In 2010,along with the city expansion,Haijiang Group ,located in Yong'an East Road,finished the most perfect move and expansion in history according to the needs of city planning and manufacturing,from Yong'an East Road to Zhenhua New Road in development zone.We now cover an area of 485 acres,with construction area of 160,000 m2 and thousands of sets of professional production equipment. The production capacity, market share and technical level are in lead position in the industry all the time.The company's brand has won the Hebei famous trademark for many times ,and our filter presses have been named the famous-brand product in Hebei Province for many times.Haijiang has been named Top 500 Machinery Enterprise in China and Top 10 Filter Press Manufacturer for 11 years,won "2011 the third China international fluid machinery exhibition" gold medal,was named national high and new technology enterprise.

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